dats my face


I’m a product designer who focuses on crafting thoughtful and scalable systems, building accessible experiences that center around real people, and authoring scalable CSS solutions for complex systems.

I’m currently a Senior Designer at Tentrr in New York City. Previously at priceline.com and Digital Surgeons.

Disclaimer: Okay, I’m up to version 6 of this site and I still haven’t got my bat signal working. The whole “missing wooden peg” conundrum never resolved itself after contacting Ikea support, so I’ve basically given up on that one. Gonna try 3D printing one this time and then wiring up with a Raspberry Pi or something. Will report back with status when I have one to share, but don’t expect that to be anytime soon. 2nd Disclaimer: That running joke is only funny if you’ve actually been to one of my previous sites, so I’m sorry if my humor is lost on you.